Yoga is a very personal experience so please come as you feel most comfortable.

Yoga is a practice that unites body, mind and soul. Finding some compassion and kindness for yourselves and others is huge part of the philosophy of yoga and we encourage you to honour this tradition on the mat. Dedicating your time on the mat to your own body and mind allows you to tune into what is ‘now’.

Wear something that allows you to move and stretch with ease, both seated and standing. Perhaps bring something warmer for when we come to lay in relaxation at the end of the class.

We tend not to stray off of the mat so we practice barefoot or with non-slip socks.

Mats, blankets and other props will be provided as required, so please just bring a mat towel to cover the mat for your practice.

Whilst we won’t break into a heavy sweat through our practice, bring some water to sip throughout.

Please complete the health & wellbeing questionnaire that you received via email before your first class.

All suggested poses and variations are optional so as part of the yoga tradition, it is important to practice safely and according to what feels right in the moment.

Yoga teachers may use gentle touch to assist and adjust the body in a pose, enhancing the benefits of your practice or to increase a stretch. Some yogis prefer not to be assisted or touched so please do advise if this is your preference.

Some oils may be used at the end of the class for relaxation and meditation. Oils are believed to have many benefits to health and wellbeing through their varied elements. If you have any allergies or prefer no oils to be used then please do advise.

WARNING: prepare yourselves to let go and find a little yogic sparkle!