Class Descriptions

Generally, most yoga classes follow a similar structure; centering & grounding, then a warm up, followed by the main practice which usually includes a variety of postures to stretch and strengthen the whole body.

A focus on connecting movement and breath in between and during each pose can be tricky at first, but it can really help to clear a busy mind and give space to concentrate fully on the practice.

Practice ends in Savasana (Corpse Pose) where students can completely relax the physical body, breathe stillness into the mind and begin to explore meditation.


Hatha is an umbrella term for the physical practice of yoga. This includes, working on poses and positions asanas and using breathing techniques prananyama to prepare the body for deeper spiritual exploration and meditation. Classical ‘Hatha’ classes might be a little slower, holding postures for about 5 – 10 breaths. Great for beginners and those who want to move more slowly, which can be incredibly strengthening for the body and the mind!

Vinyasa & Flow

Vinyasa & Flow is a lot more fluid, using the breath to flow through a series of postures. Sequences and themes are different each time, so everyone begins their practice free of expectation! A little more challenging for coordination, but the class is open to all abilities with variations offered to suit individual practice.

shYoga Practice

shYoga Practice is simply ‘Yoga’. A blend of pranayama, mindful movement, relaxation & meditation. Expect a heart-felt and inclusive moderately-paced flow, holding poses with intention to lengthen and explore depth. Playful exploration of some challenging poses and core strength drills! Infused with humour and inspired by the beautiful teachings of ancient yoga philosophy, a well-rounded practice for body, mind and soul!


Yin yoga practice stretches and releases the connective tissues of the body, which requires the surrounding muscles to completely relax. Expect a series of passive, floor-based postures focusing mainly on areas of the lower body which are particularly rich in connective tissues. Poses are held for up to five minutes, slowly easing into a stretch and maintaining stillness.


Yoga Nidra

Nidra is a guided meditation practice, leading the psyche and conscious mind into a dream-like state. Yogis are encouraged to rest physically in deep relaxation or ‘yogic sleep’ for about 30 – 40 minutes. Bring blankets and pillows for this session!

Mum & Baby

Mum & Baby is a beautifully nurturing practice for mums and babies to move and breathe together. Acknowledging the postnatal body, we move through a gentle practice, repairing and restoring the body after birth. Drawing on themes of self-love and compassion, we explore calming techniques to feel grounded in times of turbulence. Baby will also enjoy some gentle stretching and soothing touch, unless it’s time for a feed, of course! Very much guided by your little one, this is an open space to enjoy the company of other mothers and perhaps do some yoga if baby allows!


Pregnancy classes are adapted to individual needs, acknowledging the changes in the body as pregnancy progresses. With a growing ‘bump’ and increased mobility through the pelvis, the practice is designed to strengthen and energise the body. Lots to think about with a new baby on the way, there is emphasis on quieting the mind a little and taking some time out for you!