A little bit about me…

It feels self-indulgent to talk about me, but yoga is a whole journey of discovery, so I think it’s important to be real through all of this social media stuff. Sharing vulnerabilities as a yoga instructor can really deepen the student connection during a class too, and that’s a special thing.


My childhood and teenage years were dedicated to training as a classical dancer, and I went on to pursue a similarly physical path in fitness instructing. So much focus on body image felt unhealthy and in a bid to quieten my own critical voice, I moved away from the fitness industry to do something different.

I was about nine when my Gran took me to my first yoga class, but dancing and training always took priority over anything. It was only when I stopped dancing, that I began to practice yoga more consistently. Feeling so nurtured and peaceful after each class, I wanted to make yoga a bigger part of my life. After I had my little boy, I decided to take the plunge and completed my 500 hour yoga teacher training course.

And voila! A ‘fully fledged’ yoga instructor…or so the certificate says!

I’m learning so much all of the time, continuing to be open-minded with my own practice and teaching style. Exploring new ventures is really exciting as this beautiful journey evolves and I’m currently teaching a real varied schedule of classes which challenges my creativity. From pregnant women to young swimmers, yoga traditions really can reach everybody!

I’m utterly grateful to be able to follow this wonderful path and hope to encourage others to find a deeper connection within themselves, to be able to listen to their own bodies and to do what feels good in the moment.

See you on the mat!


Sarah x